Its been a pretty long time since I’ve used this thing.  I’ve decided to do a week in review every Friday listing any interesting finds I had during the week.

UX Design/Podcasts:

One of my favorite design blogs, The Fox is Black, recently started a great podcast called: The Build Up

NYT’s Article on The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek makes reading all other articles boring and dated. 

Guitar Related:

Soundslice is a great site for learning new songs/riffs on your guitar.  Its has the tabs running under a YouTube video showing you how to play that song.  

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch, allows you to quickly make a guitar pick from old credit cards. 


Rdio’s Best of 2012  The only problem with this is, I don’t use Rdio.  So I made a playlist of all the albums listed in Spotify.  If you are a spotify user: Rdio’s Best of 2012


Inside the Actor’s Studio with Dave Chapelle via Rob Johnson

Senator Daniel Inouye’s back story on Wikipedia 

Amazing! He had his arm blown off right before throwing a grenade at a German bunker.  He then proceeded to remove the grenade from his detached arm and throw it destroying the bunker.  But you should read the whole thing.

The actor James Woods is a certified genius and got into acting due to the influence of Ben Affleck’s Dad, Tim Affleck.

Mario Batali & Mario Balotelli: Killing the Italian stereotype.


Christian bought 2 tickets to the National at Beacon Theatre. Got em through Ticketmaster. And randomly, they ended up being dead center, front row. I can honestly say, I will never have seats better than this, ever again.

They ended with an acoustic version of “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.” Which was so awesome.

What was not so awesome - a dude singing into another dude’s crotch.


A Time-Traveling Fictional Bar Crawl

(via whenthewhat)


Social Media High School

Class of 2011

A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig

I forget I have a blog sometimes with Tumblr because I will just spend time looking at other people’s posts.  But this video was to good not to share.

Strange seeing your friend “cartooned”


Status: THIS.



who’s on top now?



who’s on top now?


Okay no wait, this is too good. 

One month into this and I have a believe my routine for learning is suiting me well.  As I said in previous posts, I’ve gone all in with Michel Thomas Method because it goes slowly, repeats things clearly and you learn along with two other students learning for the first time.  I like hearing improper pronunciations from students because when the teacher corrects them you get a better understanding of how it should be spoken.   It is also very easy to listen to on the subway and walking to the office.  I can softly repeat the words and on a New York subway no one pays any attention.

I have listened to Disk 01 throughout the entire first month.  I just got to the end of it a day or two ago, and I feel as thought I am ready to move on to Disk 02.  I hope to move a bit faster through the other Disks but still want to retain a strong understanding of the material.  At this pace I will finish all the Disks in January of 2011.  I do not want to rush through them just to say I finished all 8 disks in 3 months, because I don’t think I will retain as much information but would love to be at least 75% through them by the end of the summer. 

I will record myself saying all the sentences taught in Disk 01 later tonight.  This is where the Judge and give some feedback on my progress. Plus it will give whoever is reading this something to listen to and laugh at.

Right now I am actually feeling good about progress and would like to dedicate more time to learning.  I anticipate being frustrated and happy throughout this process.